Poodle — Is It a Dog?

«Circus, Circus, Circus!» Shouted the children, happily taking their places. Funny clowns, predatory beasts, gymnasts, acrobats … but how is it? Dogs of different colors and colors, jumping one after another on their hind legs. The children laughed, covering their mouths with their hands. Of course, everyone guessed that the dogs mentioned above — none other than poodles.

How and when did these lovely animals appear and why do they today occupy their rightful place in the hearts of many dog ​​breeders and are not going to say goodbye to him? Poodle is a decorative breed of dogs that can not be confused with any other breed. About the time of the appearance of this breed, it is impossible to say exactly, but the images depicting dogs surprisingly similar to poodles date back to the 5th — 4th centuries BC. E. And this, in any way, is the time of the Great Roman Empire!



But all the same, the homeland of the poodle is considered to be France. Usually the «name» of the breed came from Baroque and Rococo times. Poodle fashion at that time just flooded the country, and even abroad. Everyone wanted to have a mini-lion in their companions, because they began to cut poodles exactly like that. But they used them not only as a dog for the soul, it turned out that the poodles were very capable dogs, they hunted (mostly ducks), helped in search of truffles.

During the war, poodles also could be useful to people: they looked for the wounded and helped maintain the field connection. In Russia, the dog also found its use in hunting and could even be a guide to the blind, although more often it was still used simply as a companion dog. In general, the poodle — the dog is universal, easily adapts to any habitat, for which it should thank its ancestors and closest relatives — Portuguese water dogs. The poodle looks very harmonious. The head is long, the muzzle is pointy, the ears are long, close to the head, sometimes it is necessary to tie a rubber string with feeding.

The tail is highly planted, usually cut to half, the hair is trimmed with a brush. The dog’s eyes are extraordinarily expressive, their color can vary depending on the main color of the dog. There are several recognized colors: black, brown, white, silver, apricot and the rarest red. The wool of poodles is very soft, long and fluffy, curly or cord-like. There are several types of poodles by their size: a large or royal poodle, a small poodle, a dwarf poodle and that poodle.

Today, these magnificent dogs have not lost their popularity. Special poodle exhibitions are organized, where the owners can show their «lion» in all its glory. The customers of hairdressing salons for animals are basically poodles. Poodles show themselves in the hunt, poodles perform in the circus, because these dogs are one of the smartest in the world. Their wool is painted in all the colors of the rainbow, and cute fluffy dogs make the audience happy hour by hour, without fatigue. Poodles are everywhere.

They are in the world of the show, in the world of hunting, but the main thing is that they are in our world! These wonderful animals can not be treated indifferently. But it is always necessary to remember that they love us so much and believe us, and we, people, are responsible for those who have been tamed.