Than Little Dogs Better Big Dogs

Many centuries ago, little dogs won love and sympathy. Then they were favorites of wealthy nobles, refined aristocrats and even kings. Special servants accompanied their owners with luxuriously decorated and sleek miniature animals, so that a noble person could at any moment enjoy communication with his four-legged pet.

They contained these animals in luxury — they slept on silk cushions, they were fed with exquisite treats, decorated with collar jewelry. These were the living toys of the powerful of this world, because they were very expensive and rare curiosities.



But always and everywhere, tiny dogs evoked only emotion and admiration. Now there are quite a lot of ornamental breeds of these animals, these are lap-dogs, chinas, Pekingese or very tiny toy-terriers and chihuahua. Small dogs are no different from big dogs — they are as brave and courageous as their big relatives.

Yes, they are unlikely to protect you on the street, but at home they always warn you with loud barking from the encroachments of uninvited guests. But if you want to have not only a guard, but, above all, an unselfish and devoted friend, then small decorative dogs are the best choice.

What a lot of emotions you get from communicating with her — a good mood and a charge of positive energy you will always be provided! Many famous and famous people have small pets. What could be better after a tense and full of stress and excitement of the day to caress this live lump, which is always glad to you and always forgives everything, and to give your friendship and love for it is more important than anything else. Jacqueline Susan, an American writer whose name is included in the Guinness Book of Records, considered the novel about the tiny lap-dog Josephine and how she changed the life of her characters, her best work.

These tiny creatures make us ourselves kinder, more responsible, more humane. In addition, they have a number of advantages over larger brethren. The maintenance and care of dogs is not difficult, because they do not need a lot of space in the apartment, they can easily be taken with you if you do not want to leave them alone at home. They eat little, so the cost of feeding will not be tangible to your budget. A big plus in keeping these animals is that they are easy to accustom to the toilet right in the apartment, which will save you from walking in bad weather or after work. Small dogs are very clean, easy to train, friends with children.

Even if someone in the family has an allergy, there are such breeds that do not shed and will allow a person the joy of communicating with these beautiful animals. But we must always remember that the dog is not a toy, but a living being that loves, is sad, rejoices and sad. The whole life of this faithful friend depends on you, so do not forget about your responsibility for this tiny member of your family with a huge heart. Perfect words said about these wonderful creatures in my book Jacqueline Susan: «Dog devotion opens you new sides of love … Unfortunately, we are people, and people are not as permanent as Josephine. We can speak, but no words will express the happiness that this tiny lump has brought to our lives. «